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Granite Display

Granite Display is a multi-functional touch-control panel with 4-inch high-resolution display. You can quickly access the most frequently used functionality or scenes by the short-cut buttons on the home screen. And you may change the short-cut settings as you wish. As you explore more on the user interface, you may find it different but comfortable controlling your home devices on Granite Display.
Granite Display is multi-functional to control lights, curtains, modes, HVAC, music, primary air system, etc. Instead of installing a row of switches on the wall, you can just use one Granite Display to control all electric devices and keep the wall in a minimal look at the same time.
Granite Display is designed to match with the Granite push-button panel in the same installation. For instance, you may install Granite Display in the living room and use Granite Panel in the bedroom for different functionality. And these two panels, due to their unified appearances, add credits to your home decoration.


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All our products are designed and created with two major qualities in mind – efficiency and precision. Our clients demand the same qualities in these products and we try to live up to their expectations. The quick working, absence of false triggers and capability of withstanding rough conditions also make our products highly popular in the market.



Our Products

Distinct Qualities



Accuracy in measurements and precision in detection is the single most important quality of our products.


We understand our clients need constant support as the nature of products is technical. You can rely on us for it.


We make sure that our products are equipped with the latest technology available in the market.


Every product is made of premium quality raw material to ensure extreme durability even in the roughest conditions.


Excellence in technology doesn’t mean a thing if it isn’t accessible. We consider cost-effectiveness a key objective.


Innovation is at the core of everything that we do. We strongly believe in it as it has kept us ahead of the curve.

Our Products

Best Products



Enviro is a touch-control panel equipped with a 4.3-inch display. It allows you to control lighting, curtains, HVAC, music and more functions effortlessly on its graphic user interface. What you need to do is just a touch on the screen.


The Granite Panels are made of the most regular shapes, rectangles. With careful calculation on the proportion of each rectangle stripe, we make these obvious shapes a unique piece of ornament that naturally fits into your home.

Tile Series OLED Panel

The basic unit of Tile is a keypad or socket panel in EU standard. You can use just one unit if it meets your requirement, or combine multiple units to serve more functions in a specific area.

Prism Pro

Prism Pro is a touch panel that consists of an elegant metal frame and covered entirely by one piece of glass on the front. With the display showing the control targets and statuses, you can intuitively control lighting, shading, HVAC, music and more functions.

Device Management

Use GDMS to provision, manage, monitor and troubleshoot Grandstream products, including device management, account management, device configuration, firmware upgrades, device monitoring, intelligent alarm, and statistical analysis, individually or in batches of devices by site, group and model

iElegance Series Air Condition Control Panel

iElegance Series Air Condition Control Panel is compliant with the hotel control system, which offers a convenient way for the users to control AC.

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SAFE KSA are an investing four year old organization. We have a wide experience in the electronic and electrical works through a group of specialized engineers in electronic systems and the modern design for intelligent buildings .our engineers have a wide experience in this field.


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