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Granite Display has a built-in proximity sensor. When you approach to it, the screen will automatically wake up and the user interface will just be ready for you. Granite Display is multifunctional to control lights, curtains, modes, HVAC, music, primary air system, etc. Instead of installing a row of switches on the wall, you can just use one Granite Display to control all electric devices and keep the wall in a minimal look at the same time.

Granite Display

The Granite Panels are made of the most regular shapes, rectangles. With careful calculation on the proportion of each rectangle stripe, we make these obvious shapes a unique piece of ornament that naturally fits into your home. Most of the time, when we see a metal switch, we push it to control instead of touching it. So, we make it a push-button panel.

Granite US

The basic unit of Tile is a keypad or socket panel in EU standard. You can use just one unit if it meets your requirement, or combine multiple units to serve more functions in a specific area. Tile series comes with two versions of different materials: metal and plastic. Each one is able to give you a sense of premium quality, either with the refined sandblasting finishes on the metal one or the skin-like touch feeling on the plastic one.

Tile Series OLED Panel

Prism Pro is a touch panel that consists of an elegant metal frame and covered entirely by one piece of glass on the front. With the display showing the control targets and statuses, you can intuitively control lighting, shading, HVAC, music and more functions.

Prism Pro

Enviro is a touch-control panel equipped with a 4.3-inch display. It allows you to control lighting, curtains, HVAC, music and more functions effortlessly on its graphic user interface. What you need to do is just a touch on the screen. 


iElegance Series Air Condition Control Panel

iElegance Series Air Condition Control Panel is compliant with the hotel control system, which offers a convenient way for the users to control AC.

iElegance Series Air Condition Control Panel

Controllers & Actuators


KNX Master (Slave) Curtain Control Motor is a curtain controller controlled by a panel or other device, and includes host and slave. The Master (Slave) Curtain Control Motor supports manual mode, and overheat protection

KNX Master (Slave) Curtain Control Motor

RCU Room Control Unit is the core of a hotel system. It supports hotel host control, mix module control, 24-channel dry contacts, doorbell status display and LED output. The RCU Room Control Unit has 48 channels, which must be set through HDL Hotel Room Management System.

RCU Room Control Unit

KNX FCHC Actuator adopts KNX/EIB communication and is used for controlling air conditioner, fan, compressor and floor heating. The module function is set via ETS software and can work in conjunctions with different panels. And up to 7 digital temperature sensors can be connected.

KNX FCHC Actuator



KNX PIR Sensor is a multi-function sensor which contains PIR sensor, temperature sensor and brightness sensor. 4 independent logical blocks and 1 combined block are available, and each block contains 10 object outputs. Logical relations AND, OR can be set and single mode and master / slave mode are supported

KNX PIR Sensor

KNX Wall Mount Outdoor Microwave Sensor contains four independent logic blocks and one combined logic block. Supported input logical conditions include: Microwave sensing status, brightness value, temperature value, dry contact status and external telegram. The sensor can control lighting, curtain and threshold value.

KNX Wall Mount Outdoor Microwave Sensor

Wireless PIR sensor, customer can use it to detect the movement, and then, trigger the target.It uses HDL Buspro wireless communication, just need to use HDL Buspro software to configure

Buspro Wireless PIR sensor

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